Throw a DIY Transformers birthday party

In 2006, we created a slightly less over-the-top Transformers themed party for our son’s 7th birthday. For a brief look at the actual party, please click here. Feel free to download and use anything for your own event.

To download an item, click on the thumbnail image or text link:

This is a blank piece of artwork you may use to create your custom invitation. The thumbnail will link to a PDF file; if you prefer to use a PNG or Photoshop file, please email me.

This is a sample invitation (the actual one we used for my son’s party). The font is called OCR A Extended and may be found for free on the Internet.

Transformers label – used on bingo game cards, envelopes, marshmallow “ammo” bags, party cups, etc. The thumbnail links to a PDF version; if you would prefer a Microsoft Word file, please click here.

Transformers candy label – this is sized slightly smaller than the above labels. The thumbnail links to a PDF version; sadly I no longer have the original Microsoft Word version.

Activity Number One: Making Your Own Transformer. This was a really fun thing to do with kids of any age. I went to our local Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT) and bought a number of plastic odds and ends. We provided tape, glue and other types of fasteners and just let the kids use anything they wanted to build their character. You can make this a long or short activity depending upon the time alloted to your party.

Activity Number Two: Making “Whoosh” Rockets. These foam “rockets” are so small and soft, they can be shot anywhere, even indoors. I got this idea at RAFT; they have tons of empty squeeze bottles, straws and cylindrically shaped bits of foam. To assemble a rocket, push the end of a drinking straw into an empty (clean!) squeeze bottle. The opening in the squeeze bottle needs to be about the same size as the straw or it will not work. Gently roll up the foam cyclinder sideways and load it into the end of the drinking straw. To fire, simply squeeze or step on the bottle. The blast of air will launch the foam rocket!

Activity Number Three: Transformers BINGO. I spent hours gathering photos, sizing them, adding name labels and printing sheets for the kids to cut out. I am so sad to report that I’ve lost both the blank BINGO form and the thumbnail images themselves. I will try to recreate this as soon as possible. At the party, each child received a blank BINGO card and an envelope with 25 pre-cut pieces. They then glued or taped the pieces onto their board, in whatever configuration they wanted (the FREE space went in the center, however).

Activity Number Four: Transformers Mission. I typed up the mission “Decepticons holding six Minicons captive in the forest. URGENT! Please rescue them!” on 8.5×11 sheets of paper then cut each word into a 4×6 card size. The mission cards were scattered on the table and the kids were told the radio transmission had garbled the message. They were instructed to reassemble it and learn the mission. Before leaving on the rescue mission, they went to the “armory” and loaded up with soft targets (marshmallows in Ziploc bags with a string attached (to make a bag).


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