Recipes for family meals

These are the recipes for meals we eat at home (really!). Hopefully, we’ll get these organized by category as we go along; in the mean time, they are listed in no particular order.

  • Mom’s stone-ground mustard/soy sauce chicken marinade
  • Tate’s favorite chicken [lemon/dijon roast chicken]
  • Dane’s favorite soup [sausage and bean soup]
  • Hamburger/onion pasta
  • Chicken pot pie chez Besser
  • Easy spaghetti meat sauce
  • Petrale sole with lemon and capers
  • Chicken piccata
  • Lime-grilled fish
  • Ham/pea/cream linguini
  • Spaghetti carbonara (adapted from Tom Cruise’s recipe)
  • Shrimp spaghetti
  • Peanut butter and jellyfish sushi
  • Crispy smashed potatoes
  • Paul’s fried rice