or, what exactly is in this book?

My book, ‘dirt&sunshine’ isn’t a comprehensive parenting manual. For one thing, it’s simpler. And shorter. I don’t claim to be an expert at anything and I am certainly not the perfect parent I once aspired to be. The 25 topics explored in the book are just bits of advice I’ve collected over the years. In the spirit of helping build a community of happy families, I want to share them. Your first resource, however, should always be your own network of child-raising advocates: your family and friends, your pediatrician (hopefully one who is a parent, too), and whatever support system you assemble.

So, if you want to know what’s inside (and don’t feel like shelling out $14.95 yet), here are the topics covered in the book:

  • play outside in the dirt (the most important thing)
  • live in the moment
  • be the person you want your child to be
  • focus on responsibility and resolution
  • teach your child to cope with an imperfect world
  • embrace your child’s personality
  • establish household rules
  • practice ‘close range’ discipline
  • read… a lot!
  • use big words
  • capture what they say and do
  • encourage your child’s creativity
  • invest in simple, long-lasting toys
  • create imaginative games
  • put your tv on a diet
  • grow edibles in your garden
  • cook with olive oil and black pepper
  • dabble in the art of making baby food
  • drink a beer (great for breastfeeding!)
  • socialize, socialize, socialize (we mean you!)
  • throw one or two memorable birthday parties
  • establish family traditions
  • travel like a local
  • reduce your commitments
  • build a community

Thanks for checking out the website. Happy parenting!

Kathy Besser


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